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Wiem Ibala

Stockholm (Sweden)
Chemical engineer, material engineer


Ryan Dickson

Structured cabling electrical low voltage


Errol Luiting

Värmland (Sweden)
Dear Sir/Madam,

In my time of preparation for future emigration to Sweden i am searching for a job. i don't have any special type of work i am looking for because i like to do different type's of work. For example i am a mover, outdoorsportinstructor and an outdoor life coach nowadays. I like to do something for someone else, work hard and at the same time contribute to my own development. Jag är svensk lärande men det går snabbare när jag är i Sverige.

As you can conclude from my CV, I have experience with a diversity of job's and so I think to be a suitable candidate for several job's because I:

- Like it if I can do something for someone,
- Can work independent, but also enjoy working in teams,
- Want to learn and grow,
- Dispose of a good physical condition.

I have planned to come over to Sweden in the first week of October, hopefully i can tell you more in an personal conversation of perhaps by e-mail.




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